These are the most compatible royal couples, according to astrologers

Princess Diana Prince Charles
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The royal family are undoubtedly the most talked-about in the world, with everything from their acts of service to their iconic fashion moments making headlines on the regular. 

The most discussed element of royal life however is undoubtedly what goes on behind Palace doors - namely royal relationships. 

Yes, from how Prince William and Kate Middleton first met, to Meghan Markle's first impression of Prince Harry. From Prince Philip's sweet nickname for Queen Elizabeth II to that famous phone call between King Charles and Queen Camilla. The public are deeply invested - especially when it comes to compatibility.

Luckily, the astrologers at Psychic World have done the work for us, completing a study on the royal couples' zodiacs, revealing the most (and the least) astrologically compatible pairs within the Mountbatten-Windsors.

Royal family

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Most compatible royal couples based on astrology

  • King Charles (Scorpio) and Camilla, Queen Consort (Cancer) - 94% compatibility 
  • King Charles (Scorpio) and Princess Diana (Cancer) - 94% compatibility
  • Prince William (Cancer) and Kate Middleton (Capricorn) - 83% compatibility
  • Princess Beatrice (Leo) and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (Scorpio) - 58% compatibility
  • Princess Edward (Pisces) and Sophie Rhys-Jones (Aquarius) - 45% compatibility
  • Princess Eugenie (Aries) and Jack Brooksbank (Taurus) - 38% compatibility
  • Princess Anne (Leo) and Timothy Laurence (Pisces) - 38% compatibility
  • Prince Harry (Virgo) and Meghan Markle (Leo) - 35% compatibility
  • Queen Elizabeth (Taurus) and Prince Philip (Gemini) - 33% compatibility

King Charles (Scorpio)

King Charles Camilla

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King Charles came out on top, with his marriages to Camilla Parker Bowles and Diana Spencer topping the compatibility rankings of all royal couples. Both royal women were born under the Zodiac sign Cancer, which when matched with King Charles' Scorpio makes for a good pair. 

"With two of the horoscopes most intense signs, King Charles’ passionate Scorpio Sun complements the powerful emotion and intuitiveness of the Cancer in both Camilla and Diana," Psychic World's astrologers explained.

“Whilst Cancers and Scorpios are often kindred spirits, King Charles is also a Leo rising which gives him a strong mind and sense of direction, and this contrasted greatly with Diana’s rising sign of Sagittarius. It was Diana’s free-spirited nature and ability to take risks that didn’t quite blend with Charles’ less flexible Scorpio traits - creating a struggle between tradition and modernity.” 

The experts continued of his second Cancer-Scorpio pairing: “Charles and Camilla connected very quickly after meeting, as Scorpios and Cancers often do. Being a Scorpio gives Charles a strong willpower, capable of facing life's difficulties, and Cancers are very patient, attributes that are very much needed by the King and Queen Consort of the UK. Charles’ Scorpion reluctance to open up, and put on a hard front, is perfectly balanced by Camilla’s Cancerian ability to light up a room with positive energy.

“Their water sign sensibilities flow in harmony, and are attracted to each other by fate. Scorpio and Cancer understand each other so well, they can have a whole conversation without a word.”

Prince William (Cancer) and Kate Middleton (Capricorn)

Prince William Kate Middleton

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Prince William and Princess Kate are another highly compatible royal couple, based on their zodiac signs, with their Cancer-Capricorn match winning them a compatibility ranking of 83%.

“Like his mother, Prince William is a Cancer through and through, and his marriage with Kate, a Capricorn, further proves that opposites do attract," astrologers said of the pairing. "The Cancer and Capricorn sit exactly opposite each other on the zodiac wheel, with opposing traits to match. Whilst the signs are opposing, the water and earth elements are a celestial pairing of great determination and mutual respect." 

The astrologers continued: "William and Kate’s karmic ties join forces like a dream. William, more reserved and traditional, was instantly attracted to Kate's confident yet down-to-earth spirit. Something about this astrological duo instantly tells them they need to be together. 

"Kate will bring security and stability to the sensitive William, and both signs are fiercely loyal. Cancers and Capricorns are also very family orientated, but able to see the bigger picture as they are both willing to make sacrifices for the sake of their royal duties."

Prince Harry (Virgo) and Meghan Markle (Leo)

Meghan Markle Prince Harry

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle didn't rank as highly as other royal family couples in terms of zodiac sign based compatibility, with their Virgo-Leo match getting just a 35% compatibility ranking. 

"Whilst there’s no denying that Harry and Meghan are cemented royal sweethearts, their star signs place them of lower compatibility than some of the other royal couples," explained the experts at Psychic World. “Leos are passionate and fiery, whilst the Virgo is calmer and more composed.

“Typically, Leos and Virgos can struggle to find common ground, as the extrovert and dominant side of the Leo can take aback the shy Virgo. However, a lot of Harry’s birth chart consists of earth signs, bringing forward his strong-willed nature and desire to not be constricted, uniting strongly with free-spirited Meghan."

The astrologers continued: “Harry also explains he was first drawn to Meghan as she reminded him so much of his mother, Princess Diana, who was a Cancer. Meghan is also very relationship-orientated and sentimental like Diana, due to her Rising Cancer Ascendant, so Harry probably picked up on her Cancerian energy and nurturing nature.

“Meghan is sociable, vibrant, and poised, whilst Harry is very focused and intelligent - giving the pair a yin-yang kind of energy.”

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