“Bro’s Gold” Anyone? Why The New iPhone Is Subverting All The Stereotypes

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  • The new rose gold iPhone 6s is selling out - and men can't get enough of it.

    Thought the new Rose Gold iPhone 6s was for women? Go stand in the corner and hang your head in misogynist shame.

    Yep, according to reports, the new rose gold iPhone is selling out way faster than anticipated. There are queues stretching out of network stores across the country, waiting lists the length of… well, something very very long, and customers with hunger in their eyes, pleading with sales assistants to rummage around in the store cupboard ‘just in case’.

    And the majority of those customers are men.

    ‘There’s enough guys getting rose gold that it should be called bros’ gold,’​ Twitter developer Dan Bentley explained to Re/Code.

    ‘I’m very pessimistic, I heard it’s sold out,’ said a fellow man, gloomily. Presumably while gazing at a range of Apple watches with a bitter gleam in his eyes. ‘I came here to give it a shot and I’m willing to walk away. Rose gold or bust.’

    ‘It’s a little bit girly, but I like it,’​ added another customer with a penis.

    The thing is, at a time when we’re being segregated by gender more than ever before (pink lego for girls, blue lego for boys), this feels like a really positive step towards equality.

    After all, we’re used to talking about women using products that have been aimed at men (don’t get us started on the razor debate – our nerves can’t handle it), but one of the oft-overlooked problems with sexism is that it pressurises men to be ‘masculine’ too. Guys are told that anything pink is ‘for girls’, and could somehow diminish their power and attractiveness. When the truth of the matter is that nobody should actually give a damn either way. 

    And while we weren’t quite expecting Apple to be the ones to turn this on its head, we’re really, really glad that they are.

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