Revealed: The Vainest Country Of Them All

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  • These are the countries that spend the most time on grooming
    market research company GFK interviewed more than 27,000 people (aged 15 and older) from 22 countries to determine which nation boasts a population with the most time-consuming beauty regimes.

    The results are in and the Italians have won! They spend the most time grooming themselves each week (bathing, shaving, dressing, doing their hair, and applying make-up).

    American and French women spend just as long getting ready as their Italian counterparts (6.2 hours per week), but Italy was also the country with the least time disparity between genders (men clocked up an average of 5 hours grooming in a seven day period).

    In second place was Argentina, and the USA claimed bronze.

    Across all 22 countries polled four hours is the average weekly time spend tending to appearance (3.2 hours for men, 4.9 hours for women).

    The UK ranked at number 10, with men spending an average of 3.7 hours per week on personal grooming, and women 5.4 hours.

    The study also gathered information on people’s motivation for spending time washing and beautifying themselves. These were the top motivations across all countries and genders:

    · To feel good about themselves (60% of people cited this reason)
    · To make a good impression on people they meet for the first time (44% of people cited this reason)
    · To set a good example for their children (40% of people cited this reason)

    The priorities for trying to look good do shift slightly over time but all age groups are united in naming ‘feeling good about themselves’ as the leading motivation for taking time to perform time consuming ablutions each week.

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