Can we talk about Prince William's amazing dad dancing please?

One word, lad.

Prince William Dancing
(Image credit: REX/Shutterstock)

One word, lad.

Prince William may be back in the country now to fulfil his royal duties, but we bet he's experiencing a big old case of holiday blues right now. And, Wills, we've all been there. Sort of.

Not only did he miss a Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey for a friend's skiing holiday in Switzerland's Verbier, he was also caught on camera boogying down to hip hop classic 'I Got 5 On It.'

Oh, Wills.

Fair play to him, it is a solid tune, but his 'dad dance moves' have been firmly top of all viral internet feeds since the video emerged this week. The future King has officially become the nation's favourite meme.

The 34-year-old has had a lot of backlash about missing the service for this lads' holiday, but surely even the future King deserves some 'me time' every now and then, right? Although, he was the only senior member of the Royal family to miss the event and reception.

We wonder what Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton had to say on the matter? Especially after it recently emerged why Prince William and Kate Middleton broke up before they got engaged.

But, in defence to Wills, we think his moves were actually quite adorable.

The question on everyone's lips now are how this was all caught on camera and not stopped by Royal protection officers. And, if the Prince will make an official statement.

While we wait, we'll just watch the video again, shall we?

Delphine Chui