Stationery obsessed? You'll love Liberty's latest collaboration

Paperless Post has joined forces with Liberty for its UK launch

Liberty Paperless Post
Liberty Paperless Post

Paperless Post has joined forces with Liberty for its UK launch

If you’re a stationery lover and yet to hear about Paperless Post, you're in for a treat! (And also, where have you been?)

The American company, which specialises in online and offline invitation design, has finally crossed the Atlantic. Meaning UK customers can finally order its products (without having to contact a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend in the States, and begging them to post them over - not that we, er, ever did that).

Founded by brother and sister duo, James and Alexa Hirschfeld, Paperless Post began in 2007 in James’ Harvard dorm room as a way of sending out digital invitations for his 21st birthday party.

‘I rented 80 palm trees and made this cool sort of oasis in Boston—it was a lot of effort,’ recalls James. ‘But when it finally came time to send the invitations, there was no way of using online communication that reflected how much I cared. If people are using online communication for everything—from business to casual chatting—they should be able to use digital communication for important moments in their lives.’

Ironically, it was never meant as an offline business - but when customers began begging for hard copies, the siblings duly obliged. 'As our methods of communication evolve and technology changes, it’s key that we not lose the personal touch,' says James, who acknowledges that their business plan has kind of come full circle. 'We know the ability to communicate both beautifully and efficiently is as attractive to Britons as it is to Americans.'

Already renowned for their creative partnerships, the pair have worked with top designers from Kate Spade to Vera Wang and most recently Oscar De La Renta, and boast an impressive list of celebrity clients including Emma Watson, Kirsten Dunst and – rumour has it – Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Now, to celebrate the launch, the stationery gurus have collaborated with Liberty to bring us an exclusive collection of invitations and greeting cards - all floral and pretty and customisable.

And we're completely obsessed.

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