Highlights From Emma Watson’s Talk With Gloria Steinem

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  • These two are awesome. Seriously, we are in awe.

    Two remarkable people locked brains last night in London during a sold-out conversation event at Emanuel Hall.

    Emma Watson, an actress, Global Goodwill Ambassador for UN women and outspoken advocate for gender equality talked to pioneering feminist, writer and activist Gloria Steinem.

    Here are 3 things Emma revealed during their chat…

    1. On body insecurities:

    ‘I used to hate that I had strong eyebrows. As a nine-year-old I desperately wanted to pluck them and make them two thin lines.’

    ‘You come to embrace these things … my mother desperately tried to tell me that they gave my face character, don’t be ashamed.’

    2. On Hermione:

    ‘I feel as though I spent a long time trying to pretend I was not like Hermione. And, of course, I was rather like Hermione. I’ve finally come to accept the fact’

    3. On getting nervous before speaking to a crowd:

    ‘I just shake and am really embarrassed and conscious that people can see me shaking. So I try to keep my hands out of view, then I try to introduce them later on so I don’t look stiff.’

    Gloria Steinem photo credit: REXFEATURES

    This week Gloria Steinem also expressed her admiration for Watson’s recently-launched feminist book club, Our Shared Shelf. Watson selected Steinem’s new book My Life On The Road as the book that would lead the group’s reading list.

    ‘The book club is so important,’ Steinem told BBC Breakfast. ‘It’s such a wonderful thing she’s done, using her well-knowness [sic] to raise awareness.’

    During the Emanuel Hall discussion Steinem gave Watson’s gap year plans (to take time out for self-directed study) her stamp of approval, calling it ‘precious and unusual’.

    Steinem also went on to applaud Watson for the way she is using the platform her successful acting career has provided to raise awareness about gender issues:

    ‘I think people come to know you on screen and they trust you,’ said Steinem ‘That is why it is so great and important that you are taking that trust and putting it to work by giving out activism information.’

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