How to celebrate the hidden heroes of the NHS

From porters to cleaners and caterers, it's not just doctors and nurses on the frontline

From porters to cleaners and caterers, it's not just doctors and nurses on the frontline

We cannot express enough how incredibly grateful we are for the the dedication and selflessness of the doctors and nurses risking their lives for us every day. Now, it is also time to celebrate the other thousands of NHS workers, including porters, cleaners and caterers, who often work behind the scenes and without recognition.

Today, NHS Property Services (NHSPS) - an employer of 5,000 frontline non-clinical workers - is launching a campaign calling on all of us to celebrate these often overlooked NHS staff, who are playing a critical role in the fight against COVID-19.

This army of frontline hidden heroes are deep-cleaning our wards 24/7, in a time when hygiene has never been so important. They are porters helping patients go from one ward to another or moving vital equipment where it is needed most. They are manning reception desks and keeping the lights and water on. They are all, quite simply, hidden heroes.

NHSPS is calling on everyone around the country to nominate and give thanks to their hidden hero on social media (think Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and using hashtag #HiddenHeroes. You could nominate the hospital porter who helped an elderly relative navigate a hospital, a receptionist who treated them with kindness or the cleaner they saw working to keep us all safe.

In other news, following the creation of the NHS Volunteer Scheme, NHS Property Services is asking us to consider applying for temporary paid roles within the NHS supply chain, across England, to support the NHS to continue to deliver excellent patient care day in and day out during this crisis.

Roles will support the sourcing, delivery and supply of healthcare products, services and food to NHS trusts and healthcare organisations. If this sounds like something you be involved in, visit the NHS Property Services website or email

Thank you health heroes for the vital work you do, and thank you for keeping us safe.

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