Mum goes viral after she finds 'drugs' in her daughter's bedroom

Her mum was NOT pleased


Her mum was NOT pleased

Tweets from a 16 year-old student from Texas has gone viral after her mum got confused and grounded her for having 'drugs' in her bedroom. However the 'drugs' in question definitely weren't drugs at all.

Ashley text her mum to ask her to post her a calculator (side note: can we appreciate the fact that Ashley is so attached to her calculator?), but when her mum went into her bedroom to find said item, she found some coloured capsules instead.

Ashley's mum didn't take very kindly to finding what she thought were drugs.

Ashley text her mum back, trying to calm her down.

Luckily Ashley's mum did as she was asked and put the capsules in the water, at which point they turned into brightly coloured dinosaurs. Ashley's mum still didn't sound that pleased though.

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