university student questions

These are the most Googled questions by university students

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  • And they’re hilarious.

    When you’re a university student, Google is your best friend – you’re in a new place, fending for yourself and you don’t want to make the wrong impression by asking your new friends if Swansea is an animal.

    Logical solution: Google.

    Luckily for everyone, student accommodation website Liberty Living has found the most Googled questions by university students, and they are hilarious.

    Unsurprisingly, only very few of the top questions were about dissertations or university courses with most focusing on lecturer crushes and E4 TV programme Fresh Meat. Yes, really.

    university student questions


    The top six questions Googled by University students were

    Why does my lecturer stare at me?

    Why do I fancy my lecturer?

    Are law students hot?

    Is Sports Science a Mickey Mouse degree?

    Why are art students pretentious?

    Is university like Fresh Meat?

    university student questions


    The study then went on to look at the Google search terms depending on specific university cities, and the results were pretty hilarious.

    Students from Glasgow tended to ask whether the city was safe for students as well as if Glasgow University was where Harry Potter scenes of Hogwarts were shot.

    What was probably most surprising however was the amount of geography-based questions, with students Googling if Coventry university was in London, if Aberdeen was in Edinburgh, if Swansea was an animal and whether greater Manchester actually exists.

    Other unusual questions on the list were ‘Is Oxford older than the Aztecs?’ and ‘Why is Edinburgh so haunted?’

    These bring us right back to our student days. If you’ll excuse us, we’re off to reminisce.

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