Milan jewellery heist

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  • Robbers steal millions-worth of jewellery but Oscars save many pieces

    A group of crooks have pulled off an impressive heist in Milan, stealing millions of euros worth of jewellery. However, the fact that many pieces from the firm were in LA for the Oscars has saved the crime from being even worse.

    In a modern day version of The Italian Job, thieves dressed as policemen came through an underground tunnel they’d been digging for several weeks into the showroom of jewellery firm Damiani, making off with many valuable pieces.

    Unarmed and unmasked, the seven men tied up staff in the showroom with plastic cable and gaffer tape, locking all but the manager in the bathroom, who was then forced to open the safety deposit room and empty all the lockers.

    The fact that many of Damiani’s most valuable pieces were in LA for the Oscars meant many gems were saved, however, millions more were still in Milan, including diamond-studded necklaces, bracelets and rings.

    A full list of everything that was taken is still being compiled, which will enable investigators to work out the full extent of the crime.

    Police have, however, admitted the heist was professionally executed and said they were working on the suspicion that those involved may have had some inside knowledge.

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