This A-list actress very almost played Iris in The Holiday

Kate Winslet and Jude Law
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The Christmas season is officially upon us - and if the turkey trimming sandwiches, eggnog lattes and festive music wasn't convincing enough, there are enough Christmas films to last us a lifetime.

From The Princess Switch and Love Actually to Elf and It's A Wonderful Life, we are literally drowning in festive flicks. And this year Netflix is serving us up new offerings from Best Christmas Ever! to I Believe in Santa.

It was millennial fav The Holiday that made headlines this week however as a viral story resurfaced reporting that the Christmas film very almost didn't star Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz.

Yes, really. While the two actresses were reportedly the first choice, one A-lister almost took on the role of Iris due to Kate Winslet's filming conflicts.

Who was the A-lister that almost stepped into Iris Simpkins' shoes? Martine McCutcheon.

That's right - the Queen of Christmas films was almost in The Holiday too.

Martine McCutcheon. Getty Images.

While talking about her iconic role as Natalie in Love Actually two years ago, Martine McCutcheon revealed to Hello! that she was actually on hold to play Iris in The Holiday.

"Not many people know this, but I was actually on hold to do The Holiday because Kate Winslet was tied up with a film and she didn't know if she could do The Holiday in time. And the studio let her go so she could do. But Michelle Guish, who was the casting director, said to me a couple of days before filming was due to start, 'Martine, pack your bags, get ready. You're probably going to be starring opposite Jack Black in The Holiday.'"

She continued: "But Kate did it. She did an amazing job and I am a huge fan of her."

Well, this is the Christmas film news that we weren't expecting!

Be right back - off to watch The Holiday on repeat.

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