Kate Middleton asked a famous face for advice when choosing her wedding dress

Here’s everything to know..

Here’s everything to know..

The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most influential women in the world, with her fashion statements in particular making dramatic impact.

It is proven that if Kate gets behind something it will sell and in terms of fashion, there’s no one better to endorse your brand. Her royal seal of approval can make pieces sell out in minutes and turn small British businesses into internationally renowned brands.

But while she wows the nation on the regular with her extremely strong fashion game, there is one of Kate’s looks in particular that will go down in history.

We are of course talking about her Alexander McQueen wedding dress, designed by Sarah Burton, for the Duke and Duchess’ 2011 wedding.

The gown made news this week as it emerged that Kate called upon a famous face for advice when choosing her dress - former Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Alexandra Shulman.

‘As Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, my advice was called on,’ Alexandra explained to You Magazine recently. ‘Naturally I was hugely flattered and scrambled together a list of designers that I thought might be appropriate, bringing pictures of their work to Clarence House. I remember the Duchess arriving in the large, gracious room and thinking her so much taller and slimmer than I had imagined.’

Alexandra continued: ‘She was keen to listen to what I had to say, asking questions as we went through the candidates. It was clear that the chosen name should be British but it was less clear whether it should be a fashion designer or somebody who specialised in bridal wear.

‘We sat on a sofa and discussed the various options, piles of pictures scattered on the floor. As we talked, I began to realise that my favourite was Alexander McQueen, a label which at that point, shortly after McQueen's horribly untimely death, was newly in the hands of Sarah Burton. I thought that the level of extraordinary craftsmanship and their tradition of working with symbolism would be up to the task, that Sarah and Catherine would get on as women, and that it would be terrific to have a relatively untraditional fashion house given this privilege. And then I left. I didn’t mention the meeting to anyone and I didn't hear anything more.’

Concluding her anecdote, Alexandra expressed her pride in Kate’s final decision. ‘I lay no claim to being anything other than one of many sources of that decision,’ she explained. ‘But all the same I was thrilled at being a small speck in the picture of this particular moment in history.’

Is there any chance Alexandra would like to help us with our wedding dress selections too?

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