There’s a pet portrait mode on the new iPhone that promises perfect puppy pics

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  • The world was introduced to the latest iPhone this week, and there are updates to the screen, camera and an all-powerful charger, as well as a more energy-efficient chip.

    However, the only thing you really need to know about is the introduction of a pet portrait mode. Yes, that’s right – the iPhone 11 gives offers you the opportunity to take the most perfect pics of your pup and people are ready to hand over their hard-earned cash immediately.

    What pet owner doesn’t have a camera roll full of snaps of their adorable dog/cat/rabbit? Well, the latest Apple product promises to take pictures that really bring out your fur baby’s true beauty.

    Of course, the most recent iPhone models do already have a portrait mode. However, some have complained that it doesn’t always capture your pet pup perfectly. The pet portrait mode on the other hand is designed specifically to recognise your pet’s face and snap them in a crystal clear photo.

    Twitter users began debating whether or not the new iPhone was worth it for the pet portrait mode – and many of them decided it most definitely was.

    ‘Now starting to wonder if I should upgrade my iPhone just for the pet portrait mode,’ one wrote.

    ‘Want it. No I need it,’ another commented.

    Not everyone is convinced. Some people pointed out that the current portrait mode works just fine, whereas others shared photos of their attempted pet portraits (that didn’t quite turn out as they wished).

    Is it worth forking out for it? The iPhone 11 Pro starts at £1,049 in the UK, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max will cost an eye-watering £1,149. Gulp.

    We’ll leave it up to you to decide…

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