Here Is How To Replace Twitter's New Heart With Any Emoji Of Your Choice

Taco or unicorn, the choice is yours.

Taco or unicorn, the choice is yours.

Whether you thought it was amazing or irrelevant, everyone had an opinion when Twitter announced it was changing the favourite symbol from a star to a heart.

Well, if you thought it was a rubbish idea - and possibly even if you loved it - we've got amazing news for you.

Now, you can change the heart into any emoji of your choice, so next time you want someone to know you lolled at their tweet or agree with their heartfelt opinion, you can do it through tacos, skulls or aubergines.

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There's a simple way to do it, and you don't even need to be a tech genius to pull it off - thanks to Twitter user @mcnees it's fairly straightforward...


1. Download the Stylish extension. 2. Once it’s loaded open Stylish and paste the following code into the main window: .HeartAnimationContainer { visibility: hidden; } .HeartAnimationContainer:after { content: ‘ ’; visibility: visible; display: block; position: absolute; } 3. Add the emoji of your choice between the ‘ ‘ after content. 4. Add into the ‘Applies to’ field below the code. 5. Save. 6. Go on Twitter and go wild unicorning all the tweets you like.

Which emoji will you be replacing the heart with? Let us know @marieclaireuk

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