How do the Love Island contestants pay their bills while they're in the villa?

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The Love Island 2022 contestants have been in Majorca for over three weeks now, and while four islanders have already waved goodbye to the villa and its residents, many of the original stars are still searching for The One in the Spanish sun.

This season has given us countless twists and turns - whether it's Ekin-Su and Davide's dramatic split (and potential reconciliation?), the pure joy that is Dami and Indiyah or the heart rate challenge that caused its fair share of drama this week, the nation is hooked.

So it comes as no surprise that many fans are asking what goes on behind the scenes, from how much alcohol the contestants are allowed to drink each night to the easy way to work out who will be getting dumped at a re-coupling.

One islander has even revealed who she thinks is playing the biggest game this year.

But have you ever thought about who pays their bills while they're soaking up the rays and searching for true love?

Former contestant Amy Hart, who appeared on the show in 2019, has revealed exactly how the islanders pay their rent and bills while they're in the villa.

Taking to TikTok to answer questions from fans, she responded to one user who asked: 'What happens to your job whilst you're in the villa? Are you told to quit your job or tell them the truth? Also, who pays bills... phone bill and rent?'

Amy, who worked as an air hostess, then answered: 'So, I had to leave my job.

'You get like a little [subsidy] while you're in there. I think it's £500 for the first week, and then £250 for every week after that, just to pay your bills.

'I was quite lucky, I lived at home at the time so it wasn't an issue. But for people that it was an issue, that was what happened.'

Well - now you know!

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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