How You Open A Bottle Of Champagne Says A Lot About Your Personality

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  • Are you an avoidant popper or a twist and shout?

    There’s always something to celebrate around this time of year, whether your friend’s engagement, a promotion at work or simply the fact that Christmas is here. But did you know that the way you pop open a bottle of champagne says a lot about your personality?

    According to behavioural expert Jo Hemmings, and non-alcoholic drinks brand Shloer, there are six distinct ways that people tend to open a bottle of champagne – and they could reveal more about you than you’d like.

    The Dominant Popper

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    ‘Often male, he’s the person shouting, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it”,’ Hemmings says. ‘He thinks he’s the only one in the group who can open a bottle of fizz properly. He’s a high-achieving extrovert who enjoys the power of being in control and likes the attention it brings. He possesses supreme confidence in his own ability, and not just when it comes to opening the bubbly – definitely a case of ‘Watch and learn from the master’. Celebrities who are likely to be dominant poppers are Simon Cowell, Anne Robinson or Piers Morgan.’

    The Premature Popper

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    ‘Someone who nervously handles the bottle and lets the cork pop out at its own accord in any direction as soon as they’ve taken the wire off, just to get it open as quickly as possible,’ says Hemmings. ‘They’re naturally a little shy and would prefer others to be the focus or take the applause, rather than be the centre of attention. Celebrity-wise, they may be passionate about what they do but a little reluctant in the limelight. Adele, Professor Brian Cox and JK Rowling could be Premature Poppers.’

    The Twist and Shout

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    Hemmings says this type is: ‘a person who twists the cork out of the bottle with a flourish, but often gives a small scream of surprise at the noise. They’re the person topping everyone’s glasses up and cracking jokes, but are perhaps not quite as confident as they would like others to see them. They love to make people laugh and can be the life and soul of the party, but inside there is often a shyer person more out of their comfort zone than anyone realizes. Celebrities who are likely to be Twist and Shouters include Katie Price, Graham Norton or Lily Allen.’

    The Popping Performer

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    ‘This person loves the theatre of cracking open a bottle and makes sure there is an audience to appreciate how smoothly they do it,’ she adds. ‘A born entertainer, they love the spotlight and all the world’s a stage. They love to make occasions feel special with a bottle of bubbly. Someone who likes the finer things in life and is sociable and fun to be with. Prince Harry, Dame Judi Dench and Ainsley Harriott spring to mind here.’

    The Avoidant Popper

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    ‘This sort of person will avoid opening the bottle if they can by encouraging someone else to take the lead,’ says Hemmings. ‘If they have to open it they will most likely be apprehensive, hold the bottle away from their body and will be very relieved when they finally hear the popping noise. The Avoidant Popper is often extraordinary talented but knows the strengths of their character and where their limitations lay, and will always prefer to stick to within the boundaries of their comfort zone. Holly Willoughby, Jamie Dornan and Ed Sheeran may be examples of this.’

    The Spritzer

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    ‘This person loves to be flamboyant and often lets their fizz overflow, but they are more thrill than skill,’ Hemmings concludes. ‘The Spritzer is characterised by someone who loves having a good time and isn’t worried about losing a few drops of fizz to make sure everyone is having a good time with them. They’re the ones at the party spontaneously breaking into song and dance, totally caught up in the excitement of the moment but in irresistible style. Kate Moss, David Walliams, Nick Grimshaw and Cara Delevingne may well be Spritzers.’

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