The London Tube lines have been ranked from hottest to the coolest

And it's making us rethink our commutes this week...

dirtiest tube line
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And it's making us rethink our commutes this week...

We're one week into the hottest heatwave for decades and the Met Office has even issued a level 3 amber alert warning - that's one level away from a national emergency.

With the heatwave expected to continue further into this week, we're going to have to take some precautions.

We can just about get to sleep, positioning multiple fans around our rooms and blasting the air con, and we've all been ditching the office dresscode and taking cold showers. The one thing that we're finding really hard to handle however, is the commute, with stepping onboard a tube in summer being comparable to walking into an oven.


While walking is the desirable option for the summer months, it's not always possible and if you're travelling from Clapham to Stratford, you're probably going to have to take the underground.

Taking the tube in the heat is always going to be an unpleasant and uncomfortably hot journey, but it turns out some routes are better than others.

Luckily for, well, everyone, Gizmodo has conducted an experiment to see which tube lines are the hottest this week, officially ranking them in order, to help us navigate London in this unprecedented heatwave.


The results showed that all of the lines are a very high temperature - we're talking the equivalent of peak August heat, but some are considerably worse than others.

The hottest tube line was the Bakerloo line, with a temperature of 31.04°C, shortly followed by the Central line at 30.47°C. Next was the Victoria line coming in at 28.03°C, followed by the Northern line at 27.98°C and the Piccadilly line at 27.3°C.

While the Jubilee line was still hot it proved itself to be one of the best bets, with an average temperature of 26.57°C. But it was the Waterloo and City lines and Surface lines that came out on top, both with a temperature of 25°C.

So basically, avoid the Bakerloo line at all costs this week - and take water with you everywhere.

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