Help fight cancer with Halo

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  • Feminine care range Halo donates money from every sale of its products to support women in need

    When Adele Bisbey started feeling bloated after Christmas four years ago, she put it down to a spot of overindulgence. She also ignored the strong, period-like pains that crippled her at the time: after all, she was young, fit and healthy, so what could be wrong with her?
    But the pains and the bloating persisted, until a day came when the keen rider couldn’t even do up her jodhpurs. Her husband persuaded her to go and see a doctor, and the verdict was shocking: Adele was diagnosed with stage two bi-lateral ovarian cancer, which had already started spreading to her womb and pelvic wall.

    Adele underwent a complete hysterectomy and six sessions of chemotherapy, and luckily she has now been given the all-clear. However, her experience woke her up to the dangers of being complacent about her health, so she helps ovarian cancer charity The Eve Appeal in their effort to raise funds: ‘Awareness is so slow, so the funds that The Eve Appeal raises are vital for research to help other women in the future,’ she says.

    Now, you too can support women like Adele in their battle with cancer thanks to feminine care range Halo. Halo donates 15p from every sale of its affordable, high quality tampons, sanitary towels and panty liners (available exclusively at Tesco) to charities that help women. The money is distributed through an independent charity, the Halo Initiative, which every year makes financial contributions to other organisations dealing with women’s cancers, maternal and newborn health, mental health and domestic violence.

    And if you want to show even more support for women, why not take part in Halo’s Show Us Your Knickers campaign? All you have to do is customise a pair of knickers, take a picture of your design and send it to Halo. Each month, the Halo team will choose the best design, and the winner will receive £500 of Tesco vouchers.
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