This infographic explains what your handwriting really says about you

No news yet on what your iPhone texting style means, though


No news yet on what your iPhone texting style means, though

Photo credit: Martin Vorel

Ever wondered what your handwriting really says about you? (The answer is probably yes, considering the fact that that's the title of this article, and er, you clicked on it.)

Well thank your lucky, fountain-pen-drawn stars, because new data has been released that categorically, officially, scientifically determines whether or not a predilection for cursive (or capitals) has any bearing on your personality.

And, if you're like us, and hate reading studies straight from the journals themselves, it's even been made into a handy infographic, just for your ease and enjoyment.

Created by the National Pen Company (who else?), the infographic reveals that the size of your handwriting determines whether you're outgoing and confident, withdrawn and shy, or adaptable and easy-going. Similarly, if the spaces between your words are narrow, then you're more likely to hate being alone - whereas if your words are all spread out and free, you're more likely to be independent.

And it's not just obvious stuff like that, either. Apparently the size of your loops in letters like L and E can say a lot about you too. If your loops are large and wide, you're more likely to be spontaneous - but if the loops are tight, it's possible that you're more prone to stress.

If your writing slants to the right, then experts reckon you're more likely to enjoy meeting new people. But if there's no slant at all, they reckon you're practical and sensible.

If your Ss are wide at the bottom, then you're probably not all that happy at work (yikes!), whereas if they're all curvy and curly, you're more creative and extroverted. Similarly, if your Os are closed, you're probably really good at keeping secrets - while open-topped, unfinished Os are more indicative of a people-pleasing nature. And if you make the letter I (to refer to yourself) bigger than all the other letters, you're more likely to be confident and self-assured. Those with small Is are thought to be a bit more insecure.

Another really interesting thing is that your handwriting can actually provide insights into your health, as well as your personality. High blood pressure can be seen in varying pressure applied to your script, and even Alzheimer's can be picked up by analysing the way you put pen to paper.

Of course, as we increasingly use our iPhones and Androids to write down our innermost thoughts, there's the argument that this isn't really relevant in 2016 anyway. But then again, with the launch of Paperless Post last week, maybe there's still some life left in our lettering.

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

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