Here’s everything we know about Girls season 6 so far (expect spoilers)

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  • We can confirm that things get even more complicated in season 6

    Girls season 5 left us with a lot of questions – would Adam and Jessa survive the mother of all arguments? Had Hannah really found peace with herself? Answer: unlikely. And what’s next for a newly single Marnie? But after spying a glimpse at spoilers from the next and final series we definitely haven’t answered any of the above. In fact, we have a hell of a lot more questions.

    Here’s the evidence so far:

    Exhibit 1: Lena Dunham and co. are filming in Florida


    Lena Dunham teased fans with this photo via Instagram and sent fans heads spinning by sharing it with #girlsdoesflorida. We’re left wondering: has Hannah relocated to the sunny state? Is this just a Girls holiday scene? And given the fragile state of their friendship, is Jessa there too? Answers on a postcard, please.

    Exhibit 2: Hannah Horvath is with baby

    Before you adjust your screen: yes you are seeing Lena Dunham sporting a faux baby bump. As well as the possibility that she could have been unknowingly already pregnant during her relationship with Fran, there’s a multitude of other explanations: is this a dream sequence, is this a glimpse into the future, or is there a brand-new guy on the scene? All plausible explanations for this very un-Hannah plot twist. But, we also have to consider…

    Exhibit 3: Hannah and Adam have kissed and made up

    Though there’s no photos, Adam Driver and Lena Dunham have been spotted kissing and hugging on set. Which also throws another possibility into the mix re. Hannah’s bump: could Adam and Hannah be back together?!

    Girls series 6 doesn’t hit screens until 2017, so for now: we wait (read: desperately scan the internet for further evidence of how it all ends).

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