Film to celebrate the life of Isabella Blow

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  • Some of the biggest stars of the fashion world unite to turn the life of stylist Isabella Blow into a film.

    The fashion world are preparing to pay their respects to the late and great Isabella Blow by joining forces to turn her life into a film.

    Philip Treacy, the milliner, and John Galliano, the creative director of Christian Dior, are both heavily involved in the movie tribute to one of the country’s most celebaretd stylists, who tragically committed suicide three years ago after drinking weedkiller.

    The award-winning artist and film-maker Sam Taylor-Wood has expressed an interest in directing the biopic after encouragement from fashion designer Alexander McQueen, before he committed suicide in February.

    Before his death, McQueen – who was famously spotted and championed by Blow – had agreed to offer creative advice and clothes for the project.

    According to the film’s scriptwriters, the fashion world still harbor a sense of guilt surrounding the way Blow was treated during her latter years. This is their way of addressing that. Blow died at the age of just 48.

    ‘For Isabella, fashion in the 1980s and 1990s was about feeling, not brands and marketing,’ says Max Newsom, who is co-writing the script. ‘But the industry became more commercial in the Noughties and I think she found that depressing.

    ‘In a world where vanity and image is very important she shocked people by talking openly about suicide. The corporate world found that increasingly difficult to deal with.

    ‘I think others have a bad sense of conscience about the way they ignored her towards the end of her life.’


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