This 5 second hack will change the way you store your clothes forever

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  • Neat freaks rejoice! This changes everything

    You know at the beginning of every rom-com ever made, when the main character gets dressed from her perfectly organised wardrobe, in her inexplicably massive flat? Well, we can’t move you to New York and give you your own brownstone, but the wardrobe bit, we’ve got the perfect hack for you.

    The mega-popularity of organisation guru Marie Kondo has proved that we all lust over sleek, organised homes, and we all know that keeping our clothes neatly folded is better for their life span. But when you’ve got a job and a social life to look after, an entire evening of curating your jumpers doesn’t exactly feel like the best use of time.

    Enter: Flipfold.
    make your own, with just a big bit of cardboard and some duct tape. If you’ve got kids, and you find yourself doing all their folding for them because it’s easier than watching them make a mess of it, then you’re doubly in luck, because the Flipfold also comes in child size. Perfection.

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