9 Things You Only Know If You’re A Fashion Blogger

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  • Being an #FBlogger is not all glamorous events, pap-worthy outfits, and beauty freebies, you know?

    Being an #FBlogger is not all glamorous events, pap-worthy outfits, and beauty freebies, you know?

    These are 8 things you’ll only understand if you’re in the fashion blog business…

    Outfit Of The Day Posts Are So Rarely Taken On The Day
    It’s more a case of trundling a suitcase full of #OOTD options into a café bathroom near Portobello Road, and doing double quick changes so that you get the best backing light on all those lovely West London townhouses. When the shoot’s over, you’re soon back in your scruffs like the best of them.

    Good Meals Can Go Cold While Waiting For #Instafood Snaps To Be Taken
    Dinner with other bloggers can take an age while everybody seeks to take the best shot of the beetroot salad. And sometimes you can’t even post it anyway, if the plate’s colour palette doesn’t go with your Insta-grid tones. Sigh.

    Flat Lays, Too, Take Hours To Assemble
    And you’ve been known to lay out objects in your bath, to get the perfect white backdrop. Oh also, ‘bag spills’ must never reveal all of the crap that’s actually in your handbag. Never, ever.

    Your Bedroom Is Your Studio And It’s A Chore To Keep It Tidy
    That feeling when you’ve taken two dozen outfit shots, then spotted a pile of dirty socks in the corner, invading the background. Ain’t no filter strong enough to mask that floor-drobe fail.

    You’re Not A Millionaire
    Well, not yet, anyway. But isn’t it good when people assume you might be?!

    Your Other Half Refers To Himself As An ‘Instagram Husband’
    He is your designated photographer, he suffers from ‘photo thumb’ and he has the patience of a saint while lovingly snapping you pretending to be asleep. Hence why he’s signed up to this incredible support group

    Your Parents/ Grandparents / Anyone Over The Age Of 30 Doesn’t Really Get What You Do.
    Try explaining to your elderly, curtain twitching neighbour, that you’re taking this shoe selfie in the street in front of his home because it’s an ideal spot for a #FromWhereIStand.

    You Know What Hashtags Like #ASOM And #WIWT Mean
    The rest of the world just hasn’t caught on yet…

    You’ve Genuinely Risked Life And Limb For The Sake Of Street Style…
    ‘Knocked down by the 72 bus whilst posing nonchalantly in the street,’ does not a good tombstone read. Be careful out there, fashion folk, for the street style pack is not the only traffic on the road.

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