The Tools All Women Need To Feel Body Confident

From asset-boosting bras to leg-lengthening heels, all of us need a few fashion and beauty heroes to help us feel body confident. Introducing our Top Five Feel-Good Fixers…

Go With The Glow
Go With The Glow
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From asset-boosting bras to leg-lengthening heels, all of us need a few fashion and beauty heroes to help us feel body confident. Introducing our Top Five Feel-Good Fixers…

How we look and how feel about our bodies are important factors when we assess how happy we are and how we feel about ourselves.

Earlier this month, Marie Claire joined forces with leading bra brand Bravissimo to create the Marie Claire Body Confidence Survey. In it, you revealed what helped give your body confidence a good old boost, and this was everything from a personal compliment and working out to buying new clothes.

Body confidence really isn’t about being a perfect size 10. It’s about self belief and feeling GREAT from within. Trust us when we say that when it comes to feeling body confident, size doesn’t matter. We work with models and celebrities for every issue of Maire Claire, so we know first-hand that even those who have enviable figures are also worrying about and scrutinising some part of their body in some way. The truth is there is no perfect shape or size – we are all so individual and perfection comes through the way we are when we feel confident in ourselves; from our smile and posture through to the way we interact with others.

So whether you’re a size 8 or 18, dream of being long-limbed or strive for pretty, pint-sized pins, there are a few simple wardrobe and make-up solutions to make everyone feel instantly fantastic.

Here are the certified classic tools that every woman needs in their wardrobe and make-up bag to feel body confident.


Go With The Glow Let's face it, who doesn’t look better and feel great when they're glowing and bronzed? Avoid harmful UV rays and seek out a goregous faux tan. Whether you opt for a professional spay tan or choose a DIY option, tanned skin is an instant way to contour your frame, making you feel slimmer and sexier. For a spray tan phobes, consider Sienna x your secret weapon. Not only does it result in glistening, goddess-like skin with no tell tale signs you're faking it, but the depth of colour is made entirely bespoke to you. Collar bones can be highlighted, stomachs contoured and legs given extra attention if you feel you need it. The guide colour is also the best we've seen - you're dry and picture perfect the moment the tan is finished.

Gorgeous Lingerie When it come to feeling sexy, 54% of you revealed in Body Confidence Survey that it's what’s underneath that counts - because who really feels va va voom in a slouchy, once-white-now-grey cotton bra and big knickers? No one. This Madagascar bra by Curvy Kate at Bravissimo is our favorite way to feel gorgeous around the clock.

A Life More Fragrant There's nothing like our olfactory senses to stimulate our pheromones and make us feel drop-dead gorgeous. Keep a fresh scent for day and invest in a heady number for after dark. Whenever you're feeling drab, spritz on your Saturday-night best. Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Eau de Parfum just made all of us a bit more seductive.

Dizzying Heights Ever wondered why people tell you to slip on a pair of high heels to take a business call? The extra height is seriously empowering and asserts a stronger, more confident posture. Research tells us, too, that fundamentally women walk differently to men and a high heel exaggerates this, reinforcing our femininity. Tall heels are also the most flattering of footwear for your legs, so pop on a pair whenever you're in a slump to give your height and confidence a little lift.

Lady In Red A smudge of rouge across your lip is a fail-safe confidence boost. Who cares whether you've brushed your hair or ironed your dress, a bold lip colour will make you feel like a Hollywood startlet in a flash. A blue-toned red will also make teeth appear whiter. We love Terrific Rouge By Terry

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