This Is How High Your Stilettos Should Be

You've been warned...

You've been warned...

Every time you stumble around in those gorgeous but oh-so-painful heels, pretending they're comfortable but wishing you could throw them out of the window, you probably wonder whether looking so good is taking its toll on your feet.

Well, according to InStyle, wearing sky-high stilettos is probably doing some damage after all.

'You shouldn't walk in heels higher than three inches,' podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal told the magazine. 'Anything over the three-inch mark changes the biomechanics of how you walk—your strides are shortened, you can't walk as fast, your body weight shifts to the ball of the foot, which throws off your center of gravity and stresses the knees and lower back.'

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But reaching for your favourite flats or platforms can be equally as damaging, she warns, saying that 'a little heel, like a one-inch heel, puts the foot into a more stable position.'

Are we seriously about to advocate wearing the kitten heel?

Well, according to Splichal, it's all about 'avoiding the extremes' and avoiding 'heels that or both too flat or too high'.

We can only conclude that like eating chocolate and watching TV, it's fine to wear heels in moderation - so why not look through our favourite heels of the season? They're not all dangerously high...

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