Shopping is actually good for your mental health and science proves it

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  • Remember when Cher and Dionne took Tai to the mall to help her get over Elton in Clueless? And when Carrie buys a new pair of shoes when she’s down? Oh when Becky said, ‘When I shop, the world gets better’ in Shopaholic?

    Turns out they were all onto something, because science has proven that shopping therapy is actually a thing.

    The Journal of Consumer Affairs has just published a study showing that there is a link between shopping and death – bear with me.

    A group of people were asked to reflect on their demise, specifically a tragic and early death. The group was split into two, on the one hand those who had sensible spending habits, and on the other, those who buy often.

    The first said they wouldn’t spend anymore, however the latter group said they would shop even harder. The study concluded that they went shopping as a means to cope with early death and help alleviate the emotional pain.

    In other words, shopping made them happier. Sure, not the best news for your credit card, but happiness is priceless, right?

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