This is what shopping will look like in 25 years and it’s slightly scary

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Remember when you thought Cher's clothes-matching computer closet was as modern as it got? Well you ain't seen nothing yet, according to a new future trends report.

To celebrate its 25th birthday, QVC UK worked with the The Future Laboratory to predict how technological advances such as AI and drones will affect our shopping habits in 25 years, and it's insightful and slightly scary.

For example, the high-street as we know it will probably no longer exist, as more and more people shop online (just 0.5% of the population had access to the internet 25 years ago, now 51% of shoppers prefer to shop online).

By the 2040s, virtual and augmented reality are predicted to take over, so expect hyper-experiential virtual showrooms, complete with holographic products and people, Blade Runner style.

In fact, forget shops, as you'll apparently be able to shop from your car (!). According to the report, 'cars will be transformed into moving living rooms, where shoppers will be able to consume video content and be able to purchase items of interest through simple voice commands or hand gestures.'

On the plus side though, no more waiting ages for your order to arrive, as anything less that a 24-hour delivery will be obsolete, as with the use of drones, you could get it between minutes and hours.

No more ill-fitting clothes either, as you'll be able to measure yourself at home using apps on your iPhone, which certain retailers like L.K.Bennett have introduced in their fitting rooms already.

Beauty brands will also start to develop other sensory experiences in a digital setting that will allow consumers to smell products, and your fridge will never be empty again, as they will automatically be re-stocked based on customers' shopping preferences. Genius.

Penny Goldstone

Penny Goldstone is the Digital Fashion Editor at Marie Claire, covering everything from catwalk trends to royal fashion and the latest high street and Instagram must-haves.

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