Sarah Burton opens up on Kate Middleton's wedding dress

The designer spoke of the 'very personal' Royal Wedding dress

kate middleton dress
Kate Middleton's wedding dress - Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen
(Image credit: Rex Features)

The designer spoke of the 'very personal' Royal Wedding dress

Sarah Burton has spoken publicly for the first time on creating Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding dress and revealed that the scene-stealing gown was a collaborative process that included plenty of the bride's 'personality'.

Speaking at an Alexander McQueen Saks Fifth Avenue event in New York, the designer told shoppers that the bride was 'really lovely', even referring to her as 'low maintenance', WWD reports.

Burton also commented on working together with the new Duchess, stating that the dress 'was made for her and has a lot of her personality in it,' adding that Catherine's involvement accounted for 50-50 of the design process.

As for keeping the wedding's biggest secret, Burton told the New York Post she relished the charade: 'The most fun I had was trying to hide. We laughed a lot about that.'

Kate Middleton

With nothing but kind words, she even added that the Middleton family as a whole were them 'really nice and down to earth.'



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