What really happens to your body when you sleep in a bra

It’s a bit of a shocker

It’s a bit of a shocker

Generally speaking, there are two types of women when it comes to bras. Those who can’t wait to take theirs off at the end of the day (that sigh of utter bliss!), and those who wear them non-stop, even to bed (Marilyn Monroe was one of them).

This brings me to the bra debate that’s been raging on for decades: should we, or shouldn’t we, sleep with ours bras one?

Well according to scientists, there’s not really a definitive answer, sorry.

Mia Talmor M.D., of the Division of Plastic Surgery at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, says there is no evidence it’ll help your boobs from sagging.

She told SELF, ‘Bras are designed to help with vertical positioning. But when you’re lying in bed, you need more horizontal support.’

On the other hand, Matthew Schulman M.D., a plastic surgeon, told the same publication that wearing a bra was better than nothing.

‘Wearing a bra will reduce the strain and stretch on the breast tissue’ he said.

With all this conflicting info, it’s pretty much down to personal preference I guess.

One important thing though, if you do sleep with your bra on, make sure you pick the right kind, as if it’s too tight it can actually cause damage.

Schulman says, ‘I recommend a supporting bra made of breathable fabric that does not have padding or underwire. A well-fitting sports bra works very well for sleeping.’

He added, ‘Wearing a bra that is too tight can inhibit flow of lymphatic fluid, this can cause lymphedema (swelling) of the breasts, which can lead to pain and some temporary skin discoloration.’

And let’s face it, no one wants that.

Penny Goldstone

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