Prince Harry has been given a bracelet with a special meaning to give to Meghan

New mum Meghan Markle was reportedly given an eternity ring by Prince Harry to celebrate the birth of baby Archie, who is reportedly being christened this weekend.

Now she might be adding to her jewellery collection, as Prince Harry has been given a meaningful bracelet to pass onto her.

The royal attended the National Youth Mentoring Summit in London this week, and according to People, was given a lapis lazuli bracelet made by ‘Afghan War widows in a partnership that hopes to foster hope and healing with American war widows’.

Harry apparently thought it was ‘lovely’. Lapis lazuli signifies wisdom, healing and love, so it might be significant for someone who is navigating early motherhood, and according to the Daily Mail, Meghan has also been wearing lots of turquoise jewellery, ‘to bring blessings’ for new mums.

More importantly though, the mentoring meeting was set up in the name of Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana, so it could also be a nice nod to her.

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