The new style book your coffee table needs

From the original It girl

We’ll happily admit we’re big fans of Barbie here at Marie Claire, especially since she got a realistic makeover.

Which is why we’ll be adding this new book to our coffee table. Barbie, the art of @barbiestyle is a colourful tome that showcases hundreds of Barbie’s best looks from Instagram. It’s been published by Assouline, a publishing house that specialises in luxury books on everything from fashion to travel, and is available online now.

In case you didn’t know about @barbiestyle, it’s well worth a follow for Barbie’s avant-garde looks.

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We’re not just talking your standard pink bodycon and pumps, we’re talking Gabriela Hearst pleated skirts, mini Louboutins and Hermes handbags.

As well as her best #ootd, the book also features inspiring fashion quotes from designers, models and editors, as well as Barbie’s own thoughts on life and friendship.

Because Barbie is nothing if not a multi-tasker.

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