This is why you never get the right size in H&M

We’ve got a clever hack for you

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We’ve got a clever hack for you

Now that we've figured out why we're a different shoe size in every shop, there's another little thing bothering us.

Ever noticed how it’s always so difficult to find the right size at H&M, and that more often than not, you end up buying a bigger size than you would in another shop?

Well let us reassure you, you’re not going crazy, it’s just that H&M labels are a bit unconventional.

As the clever ladies at LOOK point out, the label sown onto the garment is in European sizes, but on the tag attached to it, they’re UK sizes. So far, so normal.

h&m sizes

Except that the sizes don’t match up. H&M says a UK 12 is a EU 38, but in fact if you look at any sizing chart, you’ll know that a UK 12 is the equivalent to a EU 40.

So next time you’re in H&M, look at the sewn in label instead, and you might even save yourself the changing room queue.

Penny Goldstone

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