Marie Claire meets the creative director of Hudson Jeans

Ben Taverentti, the creative director of Hudson, jetted into London to talk denim, trends and Georgia Jagger

?Ben Taverentti
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Ben Taverentti, the creative director of Hudson, jetted into London to talk denim, trends and Georgia Jagger

Ben Taverentti, the creative director of Hudson, jetted into London this week and naturally we grabbed a chat with him to talk denim, trends and Georgia Jagger.

Why did you choose to focus on designing denim? I used to work with Jeremy Scott in Paris but I always loved denim. For me jeans are an everyday fashion statement. They are like an accessory. You can wear them everyday but have lots of different looks.

What attracted you to Hudson? After finishing studying at the Edmond School of Fashion in Paris I went on a vacation to LA. It’s the exact opposite of Paris in everyway and I had always wanted to go! There is a certain casual part to LA life which I adore. I love the concept behind Hudson, it’s a mixture of something old and new. Our emblem is the Union Jack flag as we really focus on the fit and cut like the tailors of Savile Row and we try to capture that coolness that London oozes. What makes Georgia Jagger the perfect Hudson girl? She has the same DNA as our brand, her Mom is American and her Dad is British. What more can you want!

So sum up the Hudson girl in three words? Faultless, cool and chic!


What trends are we going to see for Autumn/Winter 12? We’ve got lots of prints as I was really inspired by Faberge eggs and the art deco era. We’ve also added six more colours to our Phosphorescent Invasion collection and we’re doing lots of waxed, corduroy and velveteen jeans too.

Where do you find most inspiring? I get ideas everywhere; I’m constantly switched on. I love London, everything is so cool, it’s like it’s almost in the air.

What should a woman look for in a pair of jeans? You have to feel good, that’s the most important thing. We focus on three things: comfort, quality and fit. One cannot go without the other so I won’t allow a pair of our jeans to go out the door unless it has all three factors perfect.

What’s your denim pet hate? Bunches of Rhinestones! I can’t stand them on jeans. They’re like Christmas trees; leave them in your living room!

What’s your favourite thing to see a woman wearing with a pair of Hudson jeans? Confidence! A jean doesn’t make you, you make the jean! I love when a girl comes to me and says ‘I feel like a million bucks!’ that’s the only thing I want – for people to be happy in our jeans.


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