6 Crazy Gorgeous Backstage Moments We Caught At Meadham Kirchhoff’s SS15 Show

We went behind the scenes at Meadham Kirchhoff's London Fashion Week show...

Meadham Kirchhoff SS15 collection
Meadham Kirchhoff SS15 collection
(Image credit: Meadham Kirchhoff)

We went behind the scenes at Meadham Kirchhoff's London Fashion Week show...

‘Reject everything’ declared the invitation to Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff’s SS15 London Fashion Week show. With post-punk bands like The Slits on their moodboard, the designers’ signature pretty gritty aesthetic played out in a truly anarchic mash-up of Transformers-style body armour, ultimate drawstring dresses and haute rubber gloves.

Here are the backstage moments we loved the most…

The Perfect Mess Make-Up ‘The models haven’t washed today. That’s the look, but we’ve done it beautifully and hygienically,’ M.A.C make-up artist Florrie White told us before the show. ‘It’s a punk rock era, anti-establishment. Two girls have hard slashes of blusher in fuchsia pink, others have black nipples and there’s lots of fluorescent M.A.C Processed Pigment in the eyebrows. Some boys have make up on like the girls, some girls have no make up as if they were boys. It’s a real anti-gender show.’

The Super Smell The boys' debut perfume, Tralala, was sprayed everywhere. How do we know this? We caught the designers themselves spritzing the entire venue right up until the last minute. Now that’s commitment to detail.

The Models ‘Typical model looks not required,’ read the poster for the brand’s street casting call last week, which resulted in a five hour long line of the label’s biggest fans around the block of their studio. As a result, 80% of the models featured had never stepped on a catwalk before, making the pre-show run-throughs very fun to watch. Trust us, that walking lark really is a lot harder than it looks.

Edward Meadham’s New Puppy Her name is Trojan and she wears a pearl collar to match the designer’s. Need we say more?

The Set From afar it looked like the perfect spring garden scene. But look a little closer and you’ll spot piles of trash-treasure and tampons in the trees. Only at a Meadham Kirchhoff show...

The Hair ‘The Slits' singer Ari Up always had a Palm tree on top of her head,’ Babyliss’s James Pecis explained of the day’s conceptual tresses. ‘First we built up texture in the hair with tongs, then put it into a high ponytail. The we took fabric from the collection and wrapped it around the base of the palm tree and blew it up with a hairdryer and a few little plaits.’ Complete the look with a few 'I See the gallery above for all the brilliant show images.