How Arts And Crafts Got Cool: Introducing Scissors, Paper, Craft

The trend for arts and crafts has been gathering momentum steadily. Here's an easy way you can get involved...

christine leech crafts white box
christine leech crafts white box

The trend for arts and crafts has been gathering momentum steadily. Here's an easy way you can get involved...

The zeitgeist for crafts has been snowballing in the last few years; we've been hopping on our bikes, getting drunk at Shop, Make, Do and finger painting in East London. If you've not been sat at a pottery wheel, painting ceramics, or knitting scarves - what have you been up to?

But, if you don't feel like leaving the comfort of your own home, why not check out Christine Leech's new book, Scissors, Paper, Craft?

If you’ve had that fear of crafts since those days sat at home in font of the telly watching Blue Peter, fully aware that your mum hasn’t got any poly-filler or giant plastic jugs knocking round, this book is for you. It’s entirely ‘here’s-what-we-made-earlier’ free. Phew.

Scissors, Paper, Craft is an innovative collection of 30 original and creative ideas for lovely, and, easy, things to make with paper that still have an impact.

Fully illustrated to appeal to both the beginner and the enthusiast, Scissors, Paper, Craft offers a vast range of ideas to get you going. Some projects are simply drawn and cut, such as the adorable Pigeon Post, in which you can keep all your mail and important papers, or, there's the Stationery Birdhouse, which is glued together and has post-it note tiles on its roof.

There are also a few slightly more advanced projects, for the more daring crafters out there, like the book-binding tutorial, that helps you create decorative notepads with easy step-by-step guides.

In a time where it's becoming increasingly difficult to find meaningful and personal gifts, or to decorate your home with personal trinkets, we think Christine's book is a breathe of fresh air… and it’s on-trend.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Christine’s cute animation:

Simple Makes series: Scissors, Paper, Craft by Christine Leech, published by Quadrille Publishing, £12.99.

Photography by Keiko Oikawa

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