This high school’s prom dress code is so sexist it will make you laugh

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  • Or cry, depending on your mood

    Funny how everyone (ahem, men) seem to have an opinion on what women should wear on any occasion. We’re not allowed to wear flats at work, or leggings on planes.

    Now it seems even proms have a strict dress code, and it only concerns women, obviously.

    Stanton high school in Florida is facing some serious backlash after a student shared pictures of posters depicting what female students should and shouldn’t wear to the dance.

    Yep, you’ve guessed it, not only are the posters patronising, they’re a blatant example of body shaming too.

    The posters feature four dress examples. Three of the dresses, which show just a tad of skin, are tagged ‘Going to Stanton Prom? No You’re Not’.

    The fourth dress, which has more coverage, has (and this is the worst bit) ‘Going to Stanton Prom? Yes You Are… Good Girl’ written on it.

    We don’t know what’s worse, the fact they still call women ‘girls’, or the patronising language you’d usually reserve for a dog that’s just done a trick.

    The student in question posted the pic with the sarcastic caption, ‘Good thing they told us a week before prom it’s not like everyone has their dress already…’

    As you can imagine, the posters didn’t go down too well with the students and their parents having a choice few words for the school…

    The school later apologised and removed the posters. Too little, too late though?

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