Exclusive Interview: J.W. Anderson

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  • We caught up with designer J.W. Anderson after his triumphant spring/summer 2013 show to talk business plans, celebrity fans and what's next in his collaboration with Topshop

    We caught up with man-of-the-moment J.W. Anderson after his triumphant spring/summer 2013 show during London Fashion Week to talk business plans, celebrity fans and what’s next in his collaboration with Topshop.

    Q: We went to see your spring/summer 2013 collection during London Fashion Week last night and loved it! Please can you talk us through the inspiration for the collection?
    A: It was an urgency to strip back the clothing onto a white canvas and to show our commitment to a fabric and texture.

    Q: Are there any new design techniques or fabrics that you’ve introduced for the first time with this latest collection?
    A: The idea of screen-printing – using a cotton sponge to create something that felt like neoprene but wasn’t.

    Q: What sort of girl would you like to see wearing it?
    A: I don’t really see one particular type of person wearing it, and would rather see lots of different types of women in J.W. Anderson. It spawns creativity when you can see the same thing worn in different way.

    PICS: J.W. ANDERSON S/S 2013

    Q: You love to blur the lines between men and women’s fashion, can you explain to us why?
    A: Mixing gender is modern, that’s what is happening in the fashion world today. I think it’s something that creates more sexual desire and an ambiguity, and that’s interesting to me.

    Q: You’re a proud advocate of sourcing local materials and using UK factories to manufacture your clothes. Does this present any obstacles to you and your business? And what does the ‘made in Britain’ stamp mean to you?
    A: Made in Britain to me is about protecting communication and protecting our craft. In terms of the business, there are obviously limitations because of volumes, but it is important to keep it in the country as much as possible. I learn more by doing it this way, and it’s part of the DNA of the brand.

    Q: What aspects of living in the UK and London do you draw on for inspiration in your collections?
    A: London is such a diverse city, everything is always at your finger tips. It has such a great personality and a rawness. That’s what I love about London and the UK in general. It has a rawness of reality and I hope my clothing reflects that.

    Q: How have the J.W. Anderson boy and girl developed over the seasons?
    A: I think they have become a lot more graphic and a lot more confident over time. They have become a lot freer in terms of shape and architecture.

    Q: You have many celebrity fans. How important is that endorsement in the success of a brand?
    A: It’s weird because it’s something we have never really pushed. I just want people, whether they’re famous or not, to want to wear my clothes. If a celebrity or non-celebrity wants to wear it, then that’s amazing because it’s another person who believes in what we do.


    Q: Alexa Chung has long been a fan of your collections. Are there any other stars that you would love to see in your clothes?
    A: To be honest, there isn’t really anyone in particular. I love films so I guess it would be great to see someone like Julianne Moore or Cate Blanchett in my designs. Those are women who I admire, maybe even someone like Meryl Streep.

    Q: You’re the man-of-the-moment and the designer name on everyone’s lips right now, how does that feel?
    A: Oh God! I don’t know about that. I just need to keep working hard and try to live up to the expectations. This industry is filled with expectations and I just need to try and keep chucking out good shows.

    Q: Your first Topshop collection has been a huge success, has its popularity surprised you at all? And what can we expect from the second drop?
    A: I’m completely overwhelmed by how popular it’s been! As for the second drop, I have absolutely no idea yet! I will begin working on it in the next two weeks. I have no clear thoughts yet, but it has to be something completely different.


    Q: What’s next for the J.W. Anderson brand? What exciting projects do you have in the pipeline?
    A: We’ve got lots of exciting projects in the pipeline to come out in the next while, but primarily we want to keep growing as a brand, to employ more people and to keep the label going from strength to strength.

    Q: Describe the J.W. Anderson girl in three words?
    A: Craft goes machine.

    Q: And finally, describe your spring/summer 2013 collection in one word?
    A: Reshuffled.

    Thanks J.W. Anderson!

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