Cara Delevingne Is Making Toothpicks Trendy. Yes, Really.

Cara Delevingne debuted an unusual mouth accessory at the GQ Men Of The Year awards

Cara Delevingne GQ Awards
Cara Delevingne GQ Awards
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Cara Delevingne debuted an unusual mouth accessory at the GQ Men Of The Year awards

Cara Delevingne can convince us that pretty much anything is on trend (blankets, normcore, the list goes on). But last night at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards she debuted an off-kilter accessory that even we couldn’t quite get our heads around.

The most stand-out style statement we’ve seen since Pharrell’s hat (yes, that hat) Cara’s mouth stick just left everyone wondering, well, what exactly is it?

A lipstick smattered lollipop? An olive on a toothpick? We imagine chatting with fellow guests (Kim Kardashian, Johnny Depp et al) would prove as clunky as a convo in a dentist's chair, if she’s actually committing to this one.

As Cara wore a vamp-ish Burberry Prorsum black lace plunge gown and the brand’s new Bloomsbury Girls make-up collection, we wondered if said stick was Burberry bijoux too.

But when we spoke to a brand representative this morning, they were quick to tell us that the mystery mouth piece has nothing to do with them and even they have no idea what it is.

Is our favourite IT girl testing her influence, her selling power, with this one? Will we all succumb to the, erm, charms of the gilded toothpick, causing said accessory to sell-out instantly at wherever-the-hell-it’s-stocked?

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Beauty How To: Cara’s ‘Bloomsbury Girls’ Make-Up ‘Touches of elderberry and pink reference the free-spirited, hand-painted mood of the AW14 ready-to-wear collection,’ a spokesperson for Burberry make-up said this morning.

‘Cara’s eyes are painted with a wash of damson and aubergine to reflect the artist’s brush strokes. Rose pink, blended softly underneath the eye, emphasises the natural depth. Lashes are left bare with naturally groomed brows.’

‘Lips are pink with soft definition, skin has a satin-matte finish with a hint of freshness and nails in a deep shade of elderberry complete the Bloomsbury Girls look.’