So Beyoncé’s New Shoes Are Worth More Than…

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  • But is Beyoncé the first, or the worst, celebrity big-spender?

    A mid-terrace in Liverpool, a kitted-out Range Rover, a holiday of a lifetime…

    Yes, in today’s news of celebrity excess, Beyoncé has bought an eye-wateringly expensive new pair of shoes.

    With a price tag of £200,000, the ‘Princess Constellation’ stilettos (bought from Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter shop House of Borgezie) contain over 1,290 diamonds and precious stones. Well, what else did you expect for that budget?

    Weirdly, the shoes come with a 1,000 year guarantee, which means that, kind of like a royal heirloom, Queen Bey can pass them down to not only Blue Ivy, but Blue’s great, great, great granddaughter.

    ‘It’s the ultimate, Beyoncé’s one of those fantasy customers,’ the store’s owner told the Birmingham Mail. ‘If you want someone to model your creations, you can’t get any better than Beyoncé. I’ve been told the stilettos are for her next video which should be out in the Autumn.’ (Another piece of brand new information that we will be gleefully extracting from this.)

    So Queen Bey’s spent more on a single pair of shoes than the average person will earn in 10 years. But is she the first, or the worst, celebrity big-spender?

    Kim Kardashian once reportedly spent $100,000 in a single swoop on Hermes bags, while the notorious shopaholic Imelda Marcos once blew $2million on fine jewellery on one day in New York. Madonna spends $10,000 on #Blessed water and Jay Z popped £159,000 worth of champagne corks at a Coldplay concert in 2012.

    Because we all have our indulgences, right?  

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