Anti-Agency Is Looking For People Who Are Too Cool To Be Models. Do You Fit The Bill?

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  • The founder of London's coolest new agency tells us why they rely on Facebook stalking and reveals which two celebrities perfectly represent their style

    There’s a new modelling agency in town – and they’re not looking for tall, wispy Kendall Jenner-types.

    Instead, London’s Anti-Agency is recruiting a different kind of beauty.

    A statement on their website explains their mission: ‘The agency is for people who could’ve been models and decided not to, for people who are too cool to be models and people with real lives on the verge of exploding in music, fashion, art, illustration & creative industries etc.’

    The alternative agency has been getting all kinds of buzz since it was founded last year. When we heard that they recruit their models through Facebook, we were intrigued. And when we heard that they have no height or weight requirements, we had to find out more.

    We caught up with one of the agency’s founders, Pandora Lennard, to get an inside look into the agency that’s too cool for school.

    How is Anti-Agency different from other modelling agencies?

    We don’t do portfolios or ‘books’. For us, models should get booked on their personality when you meet them, not based on load of pictures of them dressed up in different ways. It can be hard for people in the industry to get used to that one. We have to remind people that when we send our girls and boys to cast they’re real people and not just clothes horses! They might look beautiful and be very cool but they definitely don’t take any shit!

    We don’t ask them to prioritise modelling. They all have careers as musicians, artists, writers, etc that come first, and we completely respect that and encourage it. That’s what makes them unique.

    What type of models are you looking for?

    We like people who have individual style, dress uniquely and experiment with the way they look. They have to have big personalities, be easy to get a long with and have something they love doing. We really try to promote and encourage people’s passions, so we love it when people are in bands or are artists/writers/poets. We love it and brands do, too.

    Why do you use Facebook to scout models?

    We don’t do the typical scouting outside Topshop. It’s more important for us to get a gist of what you’re like, how you dress, what you like to do and whether you’re a cool person. So for us Facebook stalking is an essential part of the scouting process!

    We love that you don’t have any height or weight requirements. How tall is your shortest model?


    What celebrities represent the type of people you’re looking for?

    We love Chloe Sevigny. She’s unconventionally beautiful, intelligent, multi-talented and has quirky personal style. And Frida Kahlo – again she’s opinionated, passionate, unconventionally beautiful and has unmistakeable personal style!

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