Amy Winehouse new face of Cavalli?

Is Amy Winehouse Roberto Cavalli's new muse?

Marie Claire news: Amy Winehouse
Marie Claire news: Amy Winehouse

Is Amy Winehouse Roberto Cavalli's new muse?

Could Amy Winehouse be turning fashion model for Roberto Cavalli?

It is rumoured that the Italian designer has approached the singer, following a recommendation from Victoria Beckham.

A source told the Mirror this weekend; 'Cavalli was suitably taken in by what Victoria had to say that he's now determined to get Amy on board.'

Posh has reportedly become quite a fan of Winehouse, for both her music and personal style. She commented earlier this year, 'She has a real sense of style that I love. She is a fashion icon because she's unique.'

It is believed that Cavalli has approached Amy with an offer of a lifetimes supply of free clothes, in return for her wearing them at her concerts, performances and public functions.

Winehouse's spokesperson refused to confirm the deal, but added, 'Amy is considering many offers at the moment.'

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