Donald Trump eats pizza backwards (because, obviously)

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  • Contender for the worst Trump moment yet...

    If you thought Donald Trump winning the US election and becoming the President of the United States was as bleak as it could get, then we have more bad news for you.

    Donald Trump has now ruined pizza.

    How, you may ask. Well, it turns out Trump eats pizza incorrectly.

    The startling news came to light when a Pizza Hut advert from the 1990’s resurfaced, an advert starring Donald and his then wife Ivana. Oh, to be back in the 1990’s, the good old times when Donald kept himself busy with beauty pageants and cameo roles.

    Of course, this man is Donald Trump, so obviously he couldn’t just eat a piece of pizza like a normal person. He had to start by eating the crust. The only thing more distressing than his total disregard for pizza-based best practise, is being reminded that there was a time when you could get a large pizza for $9.99 (about £6.80).

    Why? Who knows. Like most of his ideas, it’s completely unfathomable.


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