Domino's Pizza Has Come Up With The Most Genius Invention Ever

You can now get pizza with the click of a button

Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza

You can now get pizza with the click of a button

In what is possibly the greatest invention since the wheel, Domino's has created something magical, something we could have only conceived in our wildest dreams.

It's an easy order system which means all you have to do when you're sprawled on the sofa dreaming of a Veggie Supreme is click a button.

No more of that fuss, going onto the website and entering in all your pesky details, and triple-checking your order in case they turn up with three portions of wedges and no pizza in sight.

The new 'Limited Edition Easy Button' comes in its own mini pizza box, natch, and all you need to do is link the button to the Domino's app, add your deets, and push away.

Every time you push, it will remember your favourite pizza and address, link to your phone by Bluetooth, and before you know it, a friendly delivery guy will be standing outside with your delicious order, ready to be consumed slice by slice.

According to Domino's, the button will be available to 'superfans' via a competition on its social media channels in December.

This is a dream come true for pizza lovers all over the world.

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