Now There’s An App That Lets You Know When Your Friends Get Home Safely *Finally*

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  • Companion sends your friends a notification when you arrive home and let's you call the police in just two taps

    “Text me when you get home” is as much a part of a girls’ night out as pre-game Prosecco and requesting 90s R&B in every club you go to.

    We all worry about sending a friend off into the night alone. Who hasn’t had a sleepless night sparked by a drunken call from a friend a 3am crying over the fact that she’s been separated from her mates only for the line to go dead. Cue no sleep for the next three hours as you try desperately to get through to them.

    Yes it’s 2015 and no, women shouldn’t have to worry about walking home from their local, but in reality many of us do. But now there is an app that let’s you share your location with friends and family and sends them a notification when you get home safely.

    Companion allows users to enter their destination, send their journey to selected numbers in their phone and lets them know when you arrive.

    As a user, the app allows you to alert your chosen Companion if you start to feel unsafe in just one tap. If anything does go wrong, you can call the police in just two taps.

    If you start running, don’t make it to your chosen destination on time, have your headphones pulled out or if your phone falls to the ground, the app checks in with you and gives you 15 seconds to confirm you’re okay. If not, it automatically alerts your Companions that something might be wrong.

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