Which One Direction Member Has Sent Twitter Into Meltdown?

Louis Tomlinson is apparently going to become a father and the Twitter fandom is not happy about it.

Louis Tomlinson dad

Louis Tomlinson is apparently going to become a father and the Twitter fandom is not happy about it.

You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard the news that Louis Tomlinson – of One Direction fame – is rumoured to be having a baby with stylist, Briana Jungwirth who he was pictured with back in May. The rumour has caused mass hysteria among teenagers everywhere and sent Twitter into a meltdown equivalent to when Zayn announced he was leaving the band.

What’s that you hear? That’s the sound of hundreds of thousands of Directioners hearts breaking all over the world. 

But while tweens and teens alike (okay, and maybe a few Marie Claire staffers) are still wiping away the tears, they’ve also been pretty swift to take to the internet (natch) and spawn a million and one memes about Louis’ apparent impending fatherdom. 

While the mainstream fans are admittedly taking it hard, no one is as upset as the Larry Stylinson fans. Who is that you ask? Well, ingenius as they are, those who are fanatic about the band have noticed (read: over-analysed) Harry Style's and Louis' friendship and shipped a romantic relationship between the pair resulting in some very odd fan-fiction - but thats another story in itself. 

To celebrate (or commiserate - we'll recover in our own time) the new 1D baby news, we’ve picked the best, the worst and the damn right hilarious from the pack so you don’t have to waste hours at work in a Twitter-spiral:

The Risque

The Topical

The Puzzling 

The Larry Lovers

The Hilarious 

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