Lena Dunham Had A Major Girl Power Moment Yesterday

Lena Dunham was in a feminist kinda mood yesterday, according to her Instagram.

Lena Dunham was in a girl power kinda mood yesterday.

The Girls star was feeling the love for womankind and used her Instragram account to show her sisterhood solidarity (and do a bit of brand promotion).

She posted a chelfie (a chest selfie, geddit?) of a Pussy Power tee, saying: ‘My new @valfre Pussy Power shirt – cuz some days you just gotta spell it out.’

We hear that.

Clearly, on a feminist roll, the actress then posted a photo of an equally kick ass notepad, and wrote: ‘And while we’re at it I guess I’ll replace my notebook too…’

Ilse Valfré, the founder of Valfré, is an illustrator, designer and artist. Her website says: ‘With her combination of relatable sweet-cliche, and the agony of life peppered with a touch of humor, Valfré is simply all about self-expression in it’s truest form, and what it really feels like to be a girl.’

We had a quick look at Valfré’s website and have quickly fallen in love with her iPhone cases. Nice one, Lena.

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