VIDEO: Drew Barrymore licks bowling ball for $10

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  • SEE: Drew Barrymore smooch with a bowling ball

    First we saw Cameron Diaz take part in a hilarious dance-off on the new Jimmy Fallon show in the US, and now he has managed to get Drew Barrymore licking a dirty bowling ball on live TV.

    The actress was the latest big name guest on the new chat show and being the good sport that she is, took part in the ‘Lick it for Ten‘ gag, where the guest has to lick a surprise object for $10.

    The He’s Just Not That Into You star seemed pretty excited about the challenge, saying that she needed the ten dollars for cab fare.

    But as the host whipped out the pink bowling ball we couldn’t help but think that Drew got off rather lightly – after all, it could have been a whole lot worse!

    Skip forward seven minutes in the video below to see Drew pucker up!



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