The reason why Ashton Kutcher is protecting his daughter from fame is making us emotional

Pretty relatable

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Pretty relatable

When it comes to parenting, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are as relatable as can be. Not only do they make mistakes like every other parent on the planet, but they’re also realistic about the fact that being a parent is never easy (it takes a village, after all).

Now, Ashton is making parents everywhere nod with understanding because when his daughter’s involved, there’s nothing he won’t do to protect her.

When Entertainment Tonight asked the actor if he would allow 1-year-old Wyatt Isabelle to make her way into Hollywood, Kutcher came back with a straightforward ‘No.’ He then added: ‘When it is a choice that she is making, then I think it is fine. … As long as it’s not a choice that she is making, it is my job to protect her from all this nonsense.’ (Can someone please get this man a #1 Dad mug?)

Ashton is especially adamant about keeping Wyatt away from the paparazzi’s cameras because he realizes just how all-encompassing fame can be.

‘Fame is not for the weary,’ the actor stated. ‘The minute you start believing the good things that people say, you have to believe in the bad things that people say – and they say both.’

Ultimately, Ashton believes that one has to be ready to get booed if they want the chance to stand on stage.

Not only is Ashton working to protect Wyatt from the spotlight, he’s also trying to keep her language as clean as possible. Specifically, he tried to unteach his daughter the word fuck.

‘Mila comes into the bedroom and is like ‘Puppy peed on the stairwell,’ and I go “F**k,” and I walk away like this and all of a sudden, I hear behind me, “F**k,’” Ashton explained. ‘I turn around [and] she legitimately is like, “F**k,” and I was like, “Fox. I said fox. Papa said fox.” After some back and forth, Wyatt eventually got the hint.’

Well, if Ashton Kutcher has anything to say about it, his daughter is going to grow up feeling protected and loved.

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