From a shirtless Chris Hemsworth to badass ladies... 5 reasons why we need to see The Huntsman: Winter's War

Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain AND Chris Hemsworth... Need we say more?

The Huntsman
The Huntsman

Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain AND Chris Hemsworth... Need we say more?

The Huntsman: Winter's War has finally landed. Here's why we think it's worth the cinema trip (which isn't just because it features a topless Chris Hemsworth).

After teasing us with a trailer, Chris Hemsworth looking manly and gorgeous, and a trio of badass ladies, the fantasy film's prequel comes out this Monday.

Set before the events of Snow White and The Huntsman (you know, the one where Kristen Stewart is Snow?), The Huntsman tells the story of how Eric (Chris Hemsworth) came to be an outcast, and his first fight with the scene-stealing Charlize Theron, aka Ravenna, the Evil Queen.

This time, audiences will also get to meet Freya (Emily Blunt), Queen Ravenna's sister, an Ice Queen whose ability to freeze anything and everything in her path leads her to raise a legion of huntsmen including Eric and warrior Sara (Jessica Chastain).

Meeting the cast at Claridge's Hotel in London, we spoke to Emily Blunt and Chris Hemsworth about the new film. Here's what we learned (and why you should go and see it):

It's not like Frozen

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While the tale of an Ice Queen trying to control her powers makes comparisons with the hit Disney film a given, Emily tells us that Freya only bears a superficial likeness. Unlike Elsa, Freya is 'emotionally unhinged.' Emily explained. 'She is perfectly happy not discovering this power. She just wants to get married and have a child, and then she suffers this great loss, and through that she becomes hardened. Her hair turns white, skin turns white, she becomes this Ice Queen who kidnaps children and strips love from their lives.' Yeah, definitely not Frozen then.

The Costumes

The immeasurably talented Colleen Atwood designed all the costumes in the film, and by the level of detail and sheer visual spectacle, the three time Academy Award winner is clearly up for her 12th Oscar nomination. We are loving the tones and colour palettes Colleen gives each of the female characters, and Emily told us that the designer's 'attention to detail' and 'exquisite' work is enough for audiences to be transported to this fairytale world once again. Plus, spot the costume which Emily said needed 'four grown men' to carry it on set.

Charlize Theron

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If you didn't already know, Charlize Theron pretty much singlehandedly made the original Snow White and the Huntsman a box office hit. From her snarling speeches to her gorgeous costumes, Charlize made Queen Ravenna so deliciously evil, we were kinda bummed when [spoilers!] Kristen Stewart killed her in the finale.

Thankfully, her talents didn't go unnoticed and the prequel format of the film means we get to see Ravenna again. Emily couldn't heap enough praise on her Oscar-winning co-star, saying that 'When you're in a scene with her, she has a thousand mile stare, when she locks in - she's powerful, she's really uninhibited.'

Three Badass Women

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Upping their feminist game from the first film, in lieu of Kristen Stewart reprising her action-oriented take on Snow White, The Hunstman features Charlize Theron reprising her role, Emily Blunt as a new villainess and Jessica Chastain as The Huntsman's love interest and warrior queen Sara.

Emily explains that the abundance of strong, emotionally complex female characters - instead of the usual damsel in distress trope - is the reason she signed up for the film. 'It is quite rare not only to have three women in a film but also just to have such powerhouse roles that were complicated and different and... just really layered and really well written. There were just so many girls in this film, and that was really enticing for all of us.'

Chris even gave props to his female co-stars for performing all of their stunts, with praise given to Jessica in particular, 'I take my hat off to her, she did the stunts in high heels... and she looked better.'

Kickass ladies saving the world? Sounds like our cup of tea.

Shirtless Chris Hemsworth

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Chris and Jess get hot and heavy as they fall in love during the film...

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And where there's romance, there's shirtlessness. But when the topic of

additional amorous scenes came around, Chris admitted there were many

which featured him sans shirt. Sadly, he admitted, the studio 'cut most

of them.'

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