Taylor Swift Recruits Two Very A-List Actors To Be In Her 'Squad'

The pair are the best surprise Swifties ever

Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart
Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart

The pair are the best surprise Swifties ever

Taylor Swift has the coolest gang ever – think Lena Dunham, the Haim sisters, Ellie Goulding, a few supermodels - but now she’s added two new A-Listers to the mix much to the delight of the entire internet (not surprising as they're pretty excellent additions, too).

It all started when Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart channelled their inner Taylor and reading out her lyrics in a video for Yahoo.

You know, the ones that go:

“’Cause, baby, now we got bad blood You know it used to be mad love So take a look what you've done 'Cause, baby, now we got bad blood.”

Patrick then went on a radio show called Ask Me Another and read lyrics out from Blank Space with all the gusto of a brilliant Shakespearian actor, such as he is. He then asked if he could be in her “squad”.

Taylor was as bowled over by this as, er, the rest of the entire world and tweeted the actors to both thank them and also recruit them before posting a brilliant montage of the X-Men stars larking around together.

But Ian and Patrick aren’t Taylor’s only massive celebrity fans right now – last week Jennifer Lawrence called Taylor a “badass bitch” for writing that letter to Apple Music.

“Taylor Swift is a badass,” Jen told Extra. “That letter that she wrote about Apple, I texted her and was like, ‘You is a badass bitch.’ She's awesome.”

You’ll have to do a bit of jostling Jen, as we think Ian and Patrick might have stolen your place in Taylor’s cool-queue…

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